4 ways you need to know about Importance of Life Skills

importance of life skills

Introduction to Importance of Life skills

In India, Many students opt for education because they get polarized with what others are doing. Or with a thought in mind how much money would they get out after this education. They also enjoy the rewards. But After a few years, they start realizing that they never wanted to do it in their career. They regret what they have chosen. Do you also feel the same? Then you should know the importance of life skills education.

What is the importance of life skills?

Most of us have a mindset of getting good education degree from top universities. You get a good placement in top company with good salaries. Or get a government job and enjoy a comfortable life.

You enjoy it for some time. And out of nowhere you wake up and realize that you want something different from life. Money is not an ultimatum. You also realize that you are in this path cause of someone else wanted it for you or you took the decision under influence of somebody else. Your inner soul eats you and not let you sleep.

It also gives a sheer feeling of regret that you have lost a considerable amount of time of your life. Though saying “lost of time” would be an inappropriate word here. You would never know whether something was right or wrong without doing or experiencing it. But there are ways you can know early about what you want from life.

The world is full of influence in all direction. It is easy for you and I to fall prey for it. Since our mind is most open to getting influenced when you are between your 18 to 28 years of age. It is our job to prevent our self from these influences. One of the effective ways is learning life skills. But Why to learn it? We should know the importance of life skills.

I am going to explain to you what is the importance of life skills. And how it is going to help you with the rest of your life. Problem is We do not know how to do it? We end up saying had I known it before I would have been in a different place by now. That is why we should know why and How can we do it? I will explain it further.

Need and importance of life skills –

Many people regret choosing their career and blame others for their failure. If they introspect, they would know that they were responsible for their decisions. Since they are the one who got influenced while deciding the career path. It is very important to know how one can learn life skills even before deciding their career.
It can also save them from frustration and regret.

Importance of life skills in the development of a student

importance of life skills in the development of a student

You have seen above how do we regret the decision we made in our life. So the ideal time span in our life is when we peruse life as a student. This is the time when we have the greatest control of our life as in where we want to lead our life. The student should know the importance of life skills as a tool for personality development. They can apply life skills training in knowing themselves better. Once they know about themselves better, It is easy for them to make decisions. They are less likely to get influenced by their surroundings.

They should opt for life skills education early in school. Many schools do not provide this education. That is why the second option is – Parents can involve in developing and nurturing their career. If language is the barrier life skill education can also be taught in regional language. For example – The importance of life skill education can be thought in Hindi. In today’s digital world importance of life skills lessons can also be made available in form of pdf.

Ways to promote importance of life skills education

For student School of Parenting can be ways to promote the importance of life skills. But – there are different ways to promote it for the rest of the people –
By delivering a speech on the importance of education in life on various platforms like TV, Radio, Social platforms.

What basic skills are important for student?

a. Soft Skills
b. Communication Skills
c. Observation Skills
d. Listening Skills

Why soft skills are important?

It is a basic skill everyone should know or master. Though the name implies “SOFT” and feels easy to learn. But practice can take time. We come across various scenario daily. We have to write applications or requests to officials or ask someone to wait or some times we need to delay activities due to unforeseen incidents. Naturally, anyone can get frustrated in these scenarios. But this situation can be handled with the help of Soft Skills. Once gained it can benefit your life long.

Why are communication skills important ?

No one can survive without communication. Communication is not only about speaking But what to speak. Anyone can communicate but it takes practice and hard work for effective communication. The listener might reject your communication if it is not effective. This would help you with all type of situations.

Why are observation skills important ?

why are observation skills important

We get influenced by surrounding. The main reason is – we do not observe surroundings, ourselves. It is very important to develop observation skills. Meditation is an effective way to improve concentration and observation.

Why listening skills are important ?

Most of us listen to reply and not to understand. If you do not understand and you communicate then that can be considered as jargon communication. Your listening skills play an important part of being an effective communicator. You can develop them by sitting in a room and pay attention to any music, or low-frequency sounds. This way you can train your ear towards developing listening skills.

Conclusion –

These basic skills which are required for you to develop your personality early in your life. These can benefit you in all aspects of your life – Personal, professional and family relationship. Once developed it can stay until your end of life. For any new learnings – Learning these basic skills is important. Since you need listening skills. You need observation skills.

You need soft skills and communication skills. Even if you see patterns of a few famous examinations like IELTS, GRE or TOEFL or CAT examinations. You would notice that they examine you based on these life skills. You take classes for it. Instead, why not develop them at an early age as possible as early? Think about it and chase what you want in your life. Lead a healthy and happy life!

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