Do you regret of being in the wrong path in your life? You need to know 2 basic Life Skill activities

Introduction to life skill activities-

Do you regret asking yourself why didn’t I know this when I was young? Why did not I know this before? Then this article is for you at least to change the direction of your life.

Each one of you is reading this article to know how to learn life skill activities. Life skill activities depend upon what type of life skill you want to learn but do not know where to and how to start it?

I will brief you the methods, techniques and activities. You can start with basic life skills training with help of these techniques. As soon as you enter in the middle of teenage you start focusing on these basic life skill activities. I will explain in this article

if what kind of activities and how you should focus on developing them. There are many examples of life skills activities. E.g. communication skill activities, reading skill activities, soft skill activities. We will focus on basic life skill activities. You should know it before learning any life skill activities.

Life Skill Activities
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What is science in everyday life activities?

We live in science. There is science in every small thing we come across in our day to day life. To pursue any skill we need to learn about what is science behind it. E.g. Cooking. We need to know the science of every ingredient. Its physical properties, chemical properties, structural properties in cooking. Based on these properties we follow sequences and steps to cook. Likewise knowing the science of each skill is very important before learning it.

science in everyday life activities

Which that basic life skill activity? – Self Awareness or Consciousness

Many of us do not know our self completely e.g. what is our basic nature? How do we react or respond to different situations? How our 5 sense organs (Nose, eyes, tongue, ears, and body) coordinate with each? How these organs react or response without controlling them? What is our basic psychology? Most of us react, rather than respond, to different situations in our day to day life. We blame the circumstances for outcomes that happen to us. But, if you observe yourself and surrounding with utmost patience

You would know that you are responsible for the outcomes that happen to you. Part of the outcome depends upon the way you react to situations. Your reaction brings you anxiety, nervousness, unhappiness, distraction. It disturbs your mental peace. To be able to focus on the task at hand, it is very important,

That your mind is at peace. To achieve your mental peace it is very important to know yourself completely. Now how to do that I will explain further –

Why we need to know basic life skills?

Let’s understand why it is important to know our self. You might be coming across interviews related to jobs more often. We provide the interviewee with our resume about let them understand about us. One of the basic questions they ask about our strength and weaknesses.

Many of us put hefty words to impress interviewee. But I have a question if are these weaknesses or strengths are true? Most of them are not. Because in the today fast forward world we do not have time to assess and relate them to our self.

Sometimes we fail to justify them. It leads to rejection. And we keep blaming our self that I was not prepared. In fact, you have never taken efforts to know strengths and weaknesses. But do not worry. There are still ways to know yourself. After following the ways you would start knowing yourself. How to know yourself? I will explain in the next article.

How can you learn important basic life skills activity?

How can you learn basic life skills activity

You need to start knowing yourself by knowing your senses’ natural reaction. The best approach is to know yourself within and then outside. For many of us, our nervous system triggers these reactions. Let’s know how to follow steps to know yourself. We will take examples of each sense –
1) Eyes –

a) Sit in a quiet room and observe your eye direction for a while.

b) When you imagine something or in a dream, you would observe that your eyes’ position is upward. That means you are not in present.

c) To come back in present make sure you held your eye balls in middle of your nose.

d) They will again move upward. As soon as you notice this movement brings them back to middle of your nose. Repeat it.

2) Nose – Observe how you breathe. Do we hold our breath? Are we breathing fast or breathing slow? Are we breathing till neck or breathing till lungs? Many times all this happens without our notice.

a) Sit in a quiet room and observe rate of your breathing. We breathe. Breathing rate differs when you’re quiet, exercising, running, angry, anxious, and happy.

b) After following step a) try to control you’re breathing by performing Pranayama. Repeat it.

3) Tongue – Sometimes we eat eat eat! In a hurry. But we forget to sense the taste of the food or water.

a) Take out at least 30 minutes. Try to observe and feel taste of the water and food that you are chewing.

b) Observe tongue in scenarios when you are happy, angry, upset, and anxious. You would notice that tongue also reacts in a different way based on scenarios.

4) Ears – We hear thousands of thoughts daily (many of the times). These thoughts play an important part of what thoughts we process in our mind and brain. So it is very important to not let these thoughts influence us. a) Pay attention b) Do not react or think about it.

5) Body reaction – Observe – if how your body reacts when you face different situations. You would know about how your body reacts.

You would ask if what is the purpose of knowing the reactions of all your sense organs as a part of life skill activities. Well, the simple answer is – to raise your awareness. More you are aware of yourself you would know about your strengths and weaknesses are. More you can align yourself to learn more life skills. Also early you know about your weaknesses better you would focus on improving them. This leads to better decision making qualities.

How much time should I spend raising awareness?

There is no ideal time as you may come across any situation at any time. But you can start knowing your awareness at home. You must spend at least 10 minutes daily. The best time to start this activity is early morning between 5 to 7. But you can do it as per your convenience. If not possible in the morning, then choose evening between 5 to 7. If this is also not possible then do it once before going to bed.

But make sure you do not miss the practice.

What is best age to learn about basic life skills activities?

There is no answer to this. You can do it any time of your life. But Age 15-25 is suitable. Because the decisions you make in this age have a greater impact on your life. Self-awareness can be included for class 10th class or students below 18 age (or youth). Since this is the developing life period. Students can make decisions once they become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Decision making life skills activities – You should involve yourself in different group activities and take responsibility. You become serious about your task only when you take responsibility. You think differently and can try making decisions. You can only know if your decision is right or wrong once you decide. There are simple activities you can perform in your day to day life. The best way is to organize your own family functions. Take part in college functions whether you are right or wrong at it. This is the best time to make mistakes.

Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played alone. You can know your relative skills when working with the team.

How learning life skill activity can affect your life forever?

How learning life skill activity can affect your life forever

Many people ask and regret asking themselves “why I did know this before? Had I known it before my life would have been much better”? Many people lack purpose or goal in their life. One of the basic reasons is they lack self-awareness. When you are not aware of yourself, then your life and your decisions become influenced by surroundings and circumstances. This is where most of the people make mistakes by not becoming conscious. So it is never too late to start anything. You can never get your time back. So every NOW moment is early to start.

Start Now!

Stay tuned to know further steps after “Self Awareness” of life skills training.

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