How to lead independent and confident life? Opt for life skill education

Many of us are not familiar with term life skills education until the Year 2020. We are now surrounded by many global issues including pandemic which is now forcing us to educate our self with life skills. I came across term life skill education and its importance a few years back and here is my story –

I was working with an IT consulting firm. I was winding up my work for the day. Today I was so excited because I was leaving to Goa. First time in my life.

We reached Goa and explored many sports options, locations to visit. I was interested in adventurous water sports. We opted for a complete package. It included a bunch of sports activities. Those were parasailing, banana ride etc. We finished all those activities. We decided to jump into the sea with our safety jackets on.

Suddenly I felt that something is crawling on my hand and got an acidic sting attack. It was like an electric shock. I yelled and swam away as fast as could. One more friend of mine was getting attacked similarly. We quickly called boatman to lift us on deck and got saved. After we caught our breathing we became conscious. Upon inquiring, we got to know that it was a Jellyfish, which was attacking us with its tentacles. After a few days of treatment, our wounds get recovered.

I suddenly felt why I was able to save myself. I gave a thought and realized that I knew the basics of swimming. It was my natural reaction to swim fast and away from that creepy creature. If I had not known so I would have struggled more than I did and ended up with more injuries than I have. I thanked God and realized the importance of life skills training. You never know when and where these skills might be helpful. So it’s better to learn them before even you need them or before it’s too late. Life never tells us when and where it’s going to strike us.

So get ready to learn it!

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In a country like India, You are familiar with skill sets based on in which region you grew up. Also, the perspective towards Education is still not that mature but only to seek Job and earning. In this country, people barely think beyond job when thinking about Education. A normal education can teach you how to earn. Life skill education can teach you how to survive, live and enjoy life in the long run.

Let us understand what is the importance of education in our life is. Education makes us knowledgeable. It makes us understand our surroundings, system around us and helps us to choose to respond to it. It also reveals who we are, also develops our conscience about what is right or wrong. One of them is Life skills education. This is not popular in a country like India. People do not opt for it mainly due to them can’t afford it. Indian people are more economic in nature. Also, this type of education is available only in reputed Education institutions. Their cost is too high. I bring you economic ways to learn basic life skills at home.

What is life skill education?

Before moving further we first of all we need to know what life skill education is. There is no perfect answer to this definition. We can say any skill that you and I need on daily basis is called life skills. It teaches you how to respond to a real-life scenario without being dependent on others.

“Life skill Education” is again a vast topic. Never learn all life skills in our entire life. But we can definitely learn a few basics life skills including life savaging skills.

Life skills Quotes – One of the life skills quotes says – “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it”. But how to decide what should be the response? It depends on what situation we facing. As mentioned earlier you can’t foresee what situation is coming your way. So better educate yourself with basic life skills.

Types of Life skills

Now what are different types of life skills? Well types can be generally categorized as –

– Interpersonal skills,

– Mental and physical skills,

– Soft skills,

– Survival skills,

– Basic cooking skills,

– Communication skills.

– Business skills.

In school they do not teach all the life skills but how much is required to get a job. They teach life skills which are not enough to convert them into a habit. They teach you intending to pass the examination. What we need here is that these life skills should be inculcated into our body system. So when we need them it is ready.

Why Life skill education is important?

You need to understand the importance of life skills for a balanced complete human being. You do not need any skill just for sake of getting a job or good pay. Sometimes you need it to lead a balanced and healthy and happy life. This can boost self-confidence to the next level. It can also make you feel a sense of completeness within. You also learn to respond to surrounding independently. And being independent actually brings in more confidence and energy to make most out of life. Finally, life skill education brings you closer to who you are and helps you to know what is your true nature. It also helps you to know more about your strengths and weaknesses.

One of the main skills is – Physical education! what is the importance of physical education in our life? It is important because you can know your body and mind. You know your limitations and strengths in advance. You can prepare yourself to make choices or responses in unforeseen troubles.

How to learn life skills?

To get a skill integrated with your body system it’s important to know how to start it by knowing how to learn it.

1) By reading books

How to learn life skills
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If your financial condition is not good, then you can at least buy a book on life savings and practice skills at home.

For example –

– Basic cooking skills and know primary medical treatment (Prepares you for surviving Pandemics)

– Physical training,

– Mental training, – Practicing presentation in front of mirror or mobile

2) By enrolling yourself into institutions or coaching classes

If you can afford. Then list out the life skills where you cannot practice them at home. you can join the institution for individual skills.

For example –

– Swimming

(On regular practicing makes you breathing system and body system stronger)

– Aerobics training (Prepares you for unforeseen physical cramps. It can sustain cramps or twists)

– Advanced physical training (Make your body system immune)

– Advanced Yoga training (Makes you strong mentally and physically) – Soft skills development training with practical exercises

3) By joining respective community groups and attending get-together

When you join group activities and develop your skills together it is more likely you gain more knowledge by discussion.

Life Skill Education1

4) By watching online tutorials (Specially for interpersonal skills eg. Communication, Verbal Skills, cooking)

Life Skill Education2

How to develop life skills?

One simple answer is – Practice! Practice! Practice!

How to develop life skills1

Ways to inculcate life skill education

Life skill education is not only about learning it but practically applying it to day to day life. You saw many ways to learn life skills but only learning does not make you get a grip on particular life skill. You need to practice it. Regular practice can develop and build your skill. You build a habit. Practice and make it familiar with your nervous system. So that you do not need to put conscious efforts. There are many ways you develop them –

a) Know and divide all the stages of the life skill you are learning

b) Focus on one stage at a time and practice it

c) Track your progress. Review it periodically. Make adjustments in your schedule according to your progress. d) If you feel exhausted, don’t quit. Take a rest. Your body, mind and brain has limitations (This is the way to know limitations of your body)

Apart from the above method, you can also opt for life skills training programs. Some institutions only conduct specific life skills training programs. In India, there are many adventure course institutions governed by the Central government. They are very economic. They teach you all basic survival life skills. You will have to follow their admission norms. They provide guidelines with the rule of basic physical fitness. you need to undergo before joining them. if failed to meet norms, they can reject your application. They also teach team activities that build your team communication, team coordination skills.

Below is the table of Mandatory Life skills required as per gender and children (As per Indian society)

Sr. No.GenderMandatory Life Skills
1MaleCooking, Basics Defense techniques, Swimming, Stage Daring,
2FemaleBasic Defense Techniques, Swimming, Stage Daring
3ChildrenBasics Physical Training, Basic Defence and fitness Techniques, Basic communication Skills, Day to Day Home Chores where risk is involved

Conclusion –

You might go through a painful journey while learning life skills. But the results would be fruitful with many benefits. You would see a complete transformation within you. Life skill education covers all aspect of human system Physically, Mentally and Spiritually!

What are the benefits of life skill education –

1) Self-awareness, more you aware of yourself more you can make accurate decisions in your life.

2) Decision making skills

3) More a person is skillful more opportunities in life

4) Make your network stronger

5) Boosts your self confidence

6) Builds your inner strength

7) You also can survive from life threatening scenarios

Life is too short to waste a minute. So opt for life skill education today!

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