7 life skills training you need to know to develop your personality

Life skills training


Many of you want to develop your personality but do not exactly know where to start. The most suitable way to develop your personality is to opt for life skills training. Many of us lack guidance in our life. Not everyone is lucky to get guidance from a teacher in life. That is why many people make decisions based on the surrounding influence. But only to realize later that they were wrong. They never wanted to do what they are doing. They only blame their fate or says that they never got any guidance at right time.

Some of you dream about developing it irrespective of guidance. But actually does not take a small step. What that small step is- “To start with life skills training” or “enrol yourself with life skills training program”. The most important step to achieve any goal or success is to start irrespective of its result. In this article, I am going to take you through how can you take that small step and why you should take that small step.

What are life skills training?

What are life skills training

let us understand about what are life skills training. According to WHO defines life skills as “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. If you are still a student you can still find what kind of life skills training you would like to opt for. You need to learn to enhance life skills based on situations you come across in your day to day life.

Life skills training program are as below – Everyone knows some or the other part of these skills.

a) Life survival skills

b) Soft skills

c) corporate skills

d) Self-awareness skills

e) health and diet skills

f) Relationship Skills or social skills training

g) Personal Financial Skills

Why do you need life skills training?

Why do you need life skills training

You (and I) learn these skills for below 2 reasons –

a) Hobby or personal interest – Example – A Sports Player who wants to take a break after prolonging sports tournament, wants to swim. he or she would opt for a swimming course which is one of the life survival skills.

b) To earn bread and butter – Example – A salesperson who wants to make more profits by increasing sales. He needs to develop presentation skills training. He also needs to develop his communication skills as per the region where he wants to increase sales. He needs to opt for English communication skills training in English speaking countries. If he needs a team to perform tasks, He might need to opt for leadership skills training.

A trained person can perform better compared to an untrained person. An untrained person might know half of the knowledge of a particular skill. A person might get this half details either by trail and test method or accidentally finds his natural skills. Or he might have it as inborn talent. But even though you have an inborn talent, you still need good training to master it. Training provides you with a structured and organized way to use that talent.

For example, Your voice is singing naturally. But you do not learn basics about sounds or octave or pitch. You can never sing in an organized way. That is why training plays an important part in developing your natural talent. Another example – If your natural analytical skill is very good but if you do not know how to apply those skills for real business problems. Then no use of that analytical skill. You must opt for its training.

There is one more reason to opt for training is -Training institutes are more updated with recent technologies and trends in the world. To stay updated with trends is the most beneficial life skills one can own to have an extra edge over others.

How can you decide if which life skills training you should enroll for?

Before opting for any life skills training it is very important to know below factors –

1) What is your basic nature

2) What are your strengths and weaknesses

3) What is your profession

4) What are your interests

5) What stage of life you are at

6) What is your perspective towards life

7) What kind of life you are leading (professionally, personally)

Let’s discuss them with help of examples – if you are a student you still can explore career choices based on your interest. If you are interested in health and diet. you can opt for health and diet institutes. If you like finance then you can opt for commerce-related skills training.

If you have chosen the job based on your financial needs you still can take out time and opt for the skills training based on your hobbies. E.g. Swimming, Gym, Yoga Skills

If you are still not sure about your interests or what you need to do in life then you need to go first via Self-awareness skills program.

If you are a social person and like interacting with social groups you must enrol for social skills training. This skill is useful if you do a job in below fields – a) Relationship management b) Conflict resolutions or where good communication skill is of the highest priority. But everyone should learn social skill cause we can’t survive without a society. Personal, family or professional relationships are part of our life.

Where Can I search life skills training programs?

Where Can I search life skills training programs

Upon searching online you would find many life skills training courses in India. For example Adventure training courses, Trekking training courses in northern parts of India. Examples are Himalayan Mountaineering Institutes, Nehru Institutes of mountaineering. If you visit their websites you would find life skills training ppts (a pdf file) listing all the details. If you prefer being in a specific locality you can find courses nearby that place. For example – life skills training courses in Chennai.

Conclusion –

There are various aspects you need to consider while developing a personality. The important aspect is how do you see yourself down the line of your age. But It is very important to know yourself as much as possible your strengths and weaknesses. It then becomes very easy to decide which life skills training program you should opt for. Training and education bring more confidence, clarity to deal with problematic situations. If you are confident and clear enough to handle day to day problems, then congratulations! you already have started developing your personality.

Never stop learning!

Never Stop Learning

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